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Our product displays digitally

Now you can surf to our product displays digitally in your PC, on your tablet or in your phone. Here you can display Ecoheat and CTC EcoLogic PRO.

You can click or tap your way through the display just as you can on the real product. A good way to get to know the display and all the features.
You can save this page offline (when you have access to this page, even if you are offline). Read the bottom of how you are doing.

CTC EcoLogic

EcoLogic Display Värmepumpstyrning

CTC EcoHeat

EcoHeat Display Bergvärmepumpar

Here is how

Click on the display above. The display adapts to the platform you are using. The display is not a standalone application but a web application. To do that you must have access to the Internet to launch the display. Once it is open in your browser, you do not worry if you lose contact with the network.

iPhone- and viewing

To get the fastest possible access to screen from your iPad or iPhone, so you can surf to the page, click on the function symbol


in your web browser and select “Add to Home Screen.”


Now, you can access the site easily via the home screen, just as if it were an application.


If you run the display in an iPhone then you get a better experience if you view in full screen. Press the button for full screen (shown in landscape orientation).


Android and Windows-phones and tablets

If you use an tablet or smartphone with Android or Windows platform, then it works a little differently than for the iPad and iPhone.
How it works depends on the Android or Windows version you are using, as well as manufacturers. Common to all platforms is that you can bookmark frequently visited places. Do it for the link to the display, so you can find easily and quickly there.

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