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Utan historia, ingen framtid

Great History, Great Future.

CTC has passed many milestones. Here are some of the more important ones.


In spring 1923, three young engineers in Göteborg start manufacturing heating products. The company is named CTC after the initials of the founders, Celsius, Tellander and Clarin.

The name CTC has since been linked to the Latin phrase “Cum Tentatione Corrigendi”, meaning ”ongoing improvement”. Although this meaning was added later, it is very apt considering CTC boasts almost a century of development and improvement.


CTC develops a heating boiler that heats water with a battery. Production commences in Ljungby, Sweden.


CTC starts producing water heaters and boilers for wood and coal. Its subsidiary CTC Wärmespeicher GmbH is founded in Germany. This marks the real start of CTC’s export business.


Following various restructuring operations and collaborations with other companies, CTC starts manufacturing washing machines under the brand name Wascator.


CTC launches its first combination boiler with double combustion chambers for oil and solid fuel.


A new production facility opens in Ljungby. R&D is transferred there from the head office in Göteborg.


Electrolux buys CTC’s washing machine business. CTC remains Europe’s leading manufacturer of heating boilers and heating for single-family houses.


CTC’s current factory on Näsvägen in Ljungby, Sweden is ready for use. The head office and all production move to the new premises.


CTC launches the CTC Climatic (later renamed CTC Electronic), a climate-controlled electric boiler. The product is a success, selling hundreds of thousands of units over the years.


Launch of CTC’s first oil condensing boiler, type 381.


CTC launches exhaust air heat pumps for mechanically ventilated houses.


Saab-Scania buys CTC, which becomes part of the Enertech Group along with Saab-Scania’s other heating product companies.


CTC launches air-to-water heat pumps in Sweden (CTC Rebell).


CTC and the other Enertech companies are acquired by Trelleborg Group.

CTC creates a sensation at Stockholm’s big heating fair with the CTC 1100 – a compact combination boiler for oil and electricity with a soldered flat heat exchanger, featuring a trendsetting technology that will dominate the market for many years.


The British Wolseley plc Group acquires the Enertech Group from Trelleborg.


The two sister companies CTC AB and Bentone AB become a legal entity.


CTC releases the new CTC EcoHeat heat pumps for bedrock, soil and lake heating.

Just over a year later, CTC launches CTC EcoAir, a new generation of air-to-water heat pumps.


The Enertech Group is sold to the British Enertech Group Ltd.


CTC launches packaged solar heating systems for direct connection to CTC heat pumps.


CTC releases new heat pumps for apartment blocks and industrial premises: CTC EcoAir 115, 120 and 125.


CTC launches CTC EcoAir, a new generation of Sweden’s best-selling air-to-water heat pump.


CTC launches a ground-breaking heating product: CTC EcoZenith, a new intelligent all-in-one tank.

CTC releases the new CTC V40 wood boilers.


CTC launches a new bedrock heat pump that beats all earlier records of efficiency rate: COP 5,04. New colour display and high performance.

CTC win a european award. The Dutch exhibition Climatechno appointed CTC EcoZenith as 2011 years most innovative product.


CTC launch the new 400 series of heat pumps together with a new range of EcoZenith and belonging controllers with touch display.

CTC celebrates 90 years!

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