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Heat pumps for ground source

Key features
  • Record mode: 5.04 in COP (efficiency)
  • Up to 80% lower heating costs
  • With Energy Flex – flexibility to connect to other heat sources

EcoHeat and EcoPart 400 is our new generation of ground source heat pump, which has achieved our highest performance COP 5.04. The touch screen has clear symbols and text that makes it easy to adjust the heating and hot water or to retrieve information about the system operation.


CTC EcoPart XL
  • For large houses, apartment buildings, industrial premises, churches etc.
  • 65 °C primary flow temperature
  • Available in two sizes: 24 and 34 kW which can be connected in series
CTC EcoHeat 400
  • The quietest geothermal heat pump we’ve ever developed.
  • 4.3-inch colour touchscreen.
  • Built-in immersion heater.