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At CTC you can choose from a complete range of products. We have heat pumps to take advantage of the free energy in the ground, in the bedrock, in lakes, in the ground water and in the air. We are also pioneers within solar heating for heat pumps. Since 1923 CTC has produced heating products. It is no exaggerationto say we have developed the heating industry. We were first to build boilers with built-in water heating. We were first to launch heat pumps for air/water.  We created system solutions for solar heating that you attach directly to the heat pump. Find the heat solution that is best for you.

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Energy Flex – all-in-one renewable heating solution.

At CTC, we have always adored the principle of flexible heating systems. That’s why you always get the Energy Flex solution included when you invest in a heat pump from CTC. It ensures that you always have the possibility to connect to other sources of heat, to a swimming pool or to buffer tanks in a simple and cost-effective way and in one system.
The basis of an environmentally friendly, economical and flexible heating system is a CTC heat pump. If you also connect it to our all-in-one tank CTC EcoZenith i 550 Pro, you are well prepared for the future.

Start now. Complete it later.

Start with a heat pump. Then you can easily connect and complete your heating system with solar heating, extra buffer tanks, water-jacketed stove, wood, electrical, pellets and even gas boilers.

Select the source of heat which suits you best.

And the best of it all is that you get this flexibility at no extra charge. It is always there.